18 Insane Conspiracy Theories About Popular TV Shows

It’s always great to invest in a great TV show. Some fans get a little too involved and become convinced that a deeper, darker motive is at play. Was Joey Tribbiani a secret genius? Did you know that owls are aliens? Was there a real-life vampire in Sesame Street? Let’s take a look at some of the wildest theories in TV.

Saved By The Bell

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Have you heard the one where Saved By The Bell is nothing more than Zack Morris’ dream? If you haven’t, you’re not alone, but the show was a notion that followed a predecessor named Good Morning, Mrs. Bliss, where Zack was a nerdy geek. In Saved By The Bell, he was the coolest guy in school, and so many fans believed it was an escapist fantasy, Which is interesting.

Sesame Street

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This is one of the best conspiracy theories of all time. Count von Count was a bloodsucking vampire in the guise of a Muppet who fed on the children that featured on the show. That explains why the kids were constantly replaced with new kids. We knew it.


Photo Credit: NBC.

Some fans speculated that the characters in Friends were stuck in a time loop, which explained why they never aged and why their apartments were impossibly spacious for their modest incomes. Perhaps it was because it was a fictional show, but that would be too obvious.

Breaking Bad

Photo Credit: AMC.

Some fans believe that Walter White’s cancer diagnosis in Breaking Bad was not a random occurrence but the result of a government experiment gone wrong. That would explain his transformation into Heisenberg; it was part of a larger conspiracy. 


Photo Credit: ABC.

Numerous theories have been proposed about Lost, but one of the most debated was that the island was purgatory, where the characters were trapped between life and death. The mysterious nature of the island and the spiritual themes throughout the series certainly fuel this theory, and we’re prepared to accept it.

Stranger Things

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Many fans speculated that Eleven in Stranger Things was not just a girl with psychic abilities but a government-created weapon. Her origins and the experiments conducted on her at Hawkins Lab support this conspiracy theory, and the series was based on CIA secret programs.

The Simpsons

Photo Credit:Fox.

With its perpetual state of timelessness, some fans believe that the town of Springfield is trapped in a time loop. We get that the characters never age, and historical events seem to repeat themselves, but it is a cartoon.

Twin Peaks

Photo Credit: ABC.

The show was strange enough to lend itself perfectly to conspiracy theories, so theories about the presence of owls weren’t too far-fetched. Fans speculated that the owls were aliens controlling the town and manipulating its residents for their own purposes. Alien owls—we’ve heard it all.


Photo Credit: HBO.

The theme park in Westworld is not just a simulation but a simulation within a larger simulation. It takes a bit of thought, but the show’s twisted nature could well support this theory.

The X-Files

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The X-Files was rife with conspiracy theories, but one of the craziest suggested that the truth about extraterrestrial life and government cover-ups was not just a fictional plotline but a reflection of real-life secrets being kept from the public. Nothing new here.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Photo Credit: NBC.

Fans took the lyrics to the theme song literally. When Will Smith sang of guys that were up to no good in the opening credits, fans decided that he’d been killed in a fight and it was God driving him to his aunt and uncle’s palatial home in Beverley Hills. It’s a stretch.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

Even SpongeBob isn’t free from controversy. The theory suggests that Bikini Bottom, the underwater city where SpongeBob lives, is located on a nuclear testing site. Anthropologists have confirmed this theory.

The Big Bang Theory

Photo Credit: CBS.

A popular theory states that Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, is not just socially awkward but an extraterrestrial being studying human behavior. Since there was an episode about an alien parasite, we’ll assume that’s where the theory originated.


Photo Credit: NBC.

Some fans believe that Jerry Seinfeld, played by himself, is in a coma throughout the entire series, with each episode representing a dream or hallucination. It’s not impossible, but we could say the same about any show, right?

Game of Thrones

Photo Credit: HBO.

In a twist on the hero’s journey, some fans argued that Bran Stark, portrayed by Isaac Hempstead Wright, was the series’ true antagonist, manipulating events behind the scenes to seize power for himself. It might just be that they weren’t satisfied with his rise to the Iron Throne. There is a certain logic here, however.

The Flintstones

Photo Credit: ABC.

We thought we were heading back to the Stone Age, but some fans believe that civilization was bombed back to the Stone Age for a societal reset. That would explain why Fred and his family mimicked modern technology. How else would they have known what a record player was?


Photo Credit: NBC.

It’s another conspiracy for Friends, but this time, Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) is a secret genius who pretends to be dim-witted to fit in with his friends. Some theories are overkill.

Breaking Bad/The Walking Dead

Photo Credit: AMC.

In a grand collaboration, some fans believe that Walter White’s blue crystal meth made its way around the world and killed a whole bunch of people. The ones that died came back as zombies. Cue The Walking Dead. Believe it or not, it’s a fantastic concept.

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