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Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

July 11, 2024-

Some actors become established for their mesmerizing performances, others captivate us with their voices alone. If you know the voice before seeing the actor, the chances are that you’re listening to one of the industry’s most iconic voices. We’ve created a list of 18 of the…

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

July 6, 2024-

Comebacks are rare in a discerning town like Hollywood, but occasionally, we see a tremendous performance from a has-been that catapults them to industry royalty. From John Travolta to Sylvester Stallone, look at the washed-up or typecast actors who turned their careers around. John Travolta in…

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

July 5, 2024-

An actor’s performance will always have a huge bearing on a movie, but what about when it’s solely the actor who saves the movie? Have you ever watched a great performance in an otherwise bad movie? Read on and see if we’ve listed it below. Alan…

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