18 Classic ’80s Comedies That Are Hilarious Even Today After All These Years

Few comedy movies can outrank those of the 80s. There were countless memorable performances from the leading comic actors of the day, such as Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, and Leslie Nielsen, who contributed to some of the greatest, most timeless comedies of all time. If you’ve got a go-to 80s comedy, there’s every chance it’ll be listed below.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

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This accidental classic and hilarious time-leaping tale of two goofy school kids features catchy one-liners, special effects, and a subtle in-built history lesson. It was one of Keanu Reeves’ earlier roles and arguably one of his best. The soundtrack is excellent.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

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You will produce a winning masterpiece when you cast two of the funniest actors in the world, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. The premise of two good guys on a plight to find the bad guys that stitched them up for murder is hilariously magnified by one’s deafness and the other’s blindness. The comedy capers are sufficient to cause a stitch.

Uncle Buck

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How can anyone resist the charms of John Candy’s Uncle Buck? With his huge heart and endearing clumsiness, he captured our hearts in one of the greatest family comedies ever.


Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

If you’ve seen the reboot and judged accordingly, think again. The original movie of the same name combines action, sci-fi, and slick comedy into this brilliant classic. Hilariously spoofy ghosts and a famous giant marshmallow man complement the four Ghostbusters’ comedic skills. Cue the famous theme song that took on a life of its own.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

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Every kid loves a good Christmas movie, and Chevy Chase was an 80s favorite for delivering fast-paced comedy amid relentless chaos. All the obvious gags are in there, and while they might seem somewhat cliché to the modern viewer, toilet humor comedy will always be a winner for the kids.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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Every teenager must experience the frolics of rebel teen Ferris Bueller and his laid-back sidekick, Cameron. When they decide to bunk school, the day ends with smashed-up sports cars, vibrant parades, and a newfound romance. It is a timeless, witty movie that holds a place in our hearts.

A Fish Called Wanda

Photo Credit: MGM.

Movies featuring heists are usually edge-of-your-seat gripping, but when you throw together an unlikely bunch of chaotic individuals, you’ve got a hilarious farce. Witty banter and quickfire banter make this movie an all-time comedy classic.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

Popular 80s actor Rick Moranis plays an eccentric and absent-minded professor who develops a matter-shrinking machine in his attic and shrinks his kids. They must navigate the world as micro-beings while flying on bees and experiencing the world’s largest cookie. A wholesome movie with endless comedy moments.

The Three Amigos

Photo Credit: MGM.

When three Western silent movie stars are misplaced as criminal-ridding heroes, a comical farce starring 80s comedy genius Steve Martin unfolds. There’s music, sombreros, and catchy lines, making this a heartwarming, hilarious tale with an upbeat ending.

The Goonies

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Every kid’s dream is to stumble upon an old treasure map that leads them to the ultimate adventure. We’ve seen the premise in numerous movies, but few hold the timelessness of The Goonies. Innocent quips, the famous Chunk, and the unforgettable Sloth will forever provide endless laughs.

Turner & Hooch

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Actors try to avoid working with animals for obvious reasons, but Turner and Hooch made it look seamless. In one of Tom Hank’s earlier roles, we fell in love with his comical relationship with the all-slobbering Hooch, and the laughs kept on coming.


Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Slapstick humor is aplenty in this unashamed and juvenile parody by the Zucker Brothers. An attempt to save passengers on an airplane is downright hilarious when the odds are firmly stacked against them. There are laughs in virtually every scene, leading to the film becoming one of the most prolific comedies ever.


Photo Credit: DreamWorks Pictures.

Will Ferrell’s Anchorman contain so many quotable jokes that you’ve probably heard them without seeing the movie? Flitting between light humor and impossible absurdity, it reaches adults and children alike on all the right levels.


Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Tim Burton gave us one of his best movies with the exploits of a dead couple determined to evict their new living tenants. Bringing in a wildly eccentric freelance exorcist in the form of comedy master Michael Keaton throws their attempts into utter disarray, and the results are comedy gold.


Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

The stupidity of this comedic masterpiece is precisely what makes it so funny. A super-intelligent rabbit, a bishop being struck by lightning, and Bill Murray running amok on a golf course out of sheer boredom all add to the lunacy of it all. Kids might not get all the jokes, but its ridiculous nature still promises to entertain the whole family.


Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can watch this movie. In the famous Chopsticks scene, with its childlike innocence and impossibly awkward love triangle, Tom Hank flawlessly plays both his younger self and himself. He is bighearted, sweet, and full of the right humor.

Coming to America

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

It would be impossible to exclude Eddie Murphy from a list of the best 80’s comedy movies, so we’ve thrown in his funniest movie. From Prince Hakim’s ridiculously cheese-laden smile to the timelessly brilliant barber scenes, this movie will remain hilarious for the next two decades.

Police Academy

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Ditch the sub-standard sequels and stick to the original for the ultimate slide-splitting comedy. When the police department opens for any Tom, Dick, or Harry to apply due to new, non-discriminatory recruitment measures, hilarity ensues as a useless bunch of misfits rocks up. Steve Guttenberg is comedy gold, and the variety of dubious characters around him are genius. We defy you not to laugh once while watching.

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