18 Disappointing Sitcoms That Were All Talk and No Substance

Sitcoms are a very popular television genre because they cater to a wide range of people. They’re often lighthearted, even though they tend to tackle topics relevant to pop culture, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all brilliant. Some sitcoms have gone on to become unforgettable, completely changing television history, but others are overrated.

Mike & Molly

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Mike & Molly received a lot of love from specific viewers, which allowed it to run for six seasons. However, there’s a lack of comedy, mainly because much of the humor relies on body shaming.


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Benidorm is a British sitcom about a family who vacations in Benidorm. There, they meet a host of other characters at the same hotel, where many funny moments occur. The series had some excellent episodes, but it is overrated in terms of how iconic certain fans believe it to be, as the quality decreases rapidly.

Orange Is the New Black 

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Orange Is the New Black proved a massive hit for Netflix, putting the sitcom tropes into a prison scenario. This show has some beautifully emotional moments, but the quality doesn’t stay at the same level throughout, which is disappointing. In the lead role, Piper can often grate on people as she’s not always likable.

Full House 

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Like many television shows from this era, Full House’s main problem is that it doesn’t hold up today. That makes it hard for this show to be considered one of the best sitcoms of all time, as many of the jokes no longer work.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

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The main problem with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is that it feels too similar to many other shows. The series doesn’t land with its jokes to the level of other sitcoms, and that’s one of the reasons many people find it overrated.

Will & Grace 

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At the time, Will & Grace stood out due to its plot and the characters within it. But when it comes to sitcoms, most viewers expect them to be laugh-out-loud funny, and this show often failed at that. It also struggled in terms of quality as it got older, which is why it doesn’t stand up as one of the best sitcoms of all time.

The Office 

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The Office has a legion of dedicated fans, making it one of the most successful sitcoms ever. But there are some distinct problems with it as the show goes on. The show also dramatically drops in quality once Steve Carell leaves, and it feels like the series sticks around a little too long and begins to run out of ideas.


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One of Superstore’s big problems is the number of characters. This series pulls audiences in too many different directions, and because of that, not every storyline is met with the same quality, which hurts the show overall.

The Big Bang Theory 

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The Big Bang Theory was a sitcom created to focus on geek culture, making a show that would target that audience’s niches while giving others a chance to laugh at them. But that combination sometimes feels out of place, so it’s hard for many people to get into this show.

Family Guy 

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Family Guy is a clever show, with the adult animation pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable while poking fun at issues in society. The problem with this show, and many sitcoms, has been knowing when to call it quits. The series has ended up running on far longer than it needed to, and that’s seen a lot of poor-quality episodes released.

Everybody Loves Raymond 

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One of the significant issues with this sitcom is that not everybody loves Raymond. He’s meant to be seen as a loveable buffoon, but to many people, he’s irritating, lazy, and not a good husband. They’re not great traits for a lead character, and he’s not the only member of the cast that many people dislike, with many finding faults in Raymond’s family members as well.

2 Broke Girls 

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2 Broke Girls isn’t a funny sitcom and a big reason is the racist humor throughout. It instantly diminishes any positive aspects of the series, which is why it’s ultimately so overrated.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys 

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Mrs. Brown’s Boys is one of the most popular UK sitcoms today, so it often gets dedicated prime slots on Christmas Day. But while it’s a hit, an equally large proportion of people find it anything but funny, which is a problem for a sitcom.

Two and a Half Men 

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It might have had a catchy theme song and two lead characters who became incredibly popular because of it, but this sitcom has been overrated over the years. The main issue is that neither Charlie Harper nor Walden Schmidt is particularly likable, which is problematic in a show with a relatively small cast.

New Girl 

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New Girl has some hilarious moments, and there’s no denying there’s quality in the show. However, a big problem with the series is that it doesn’t feel unique, and the fact that the show has consistently been compared to Friends hasn’t helped it.


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Friends is just as famous today as it was upon its release, and that’s because there are many amazing seasons, hilarious episodes, and fantastic storylines. However, aspects of the show have not aged well, with certain moments no longer being deemed appropriate. Many people will herald this series as the greatest of all time, and while it’s certainly perfect, it isn’t quite at that level.

How I Met Your Mother 

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The concept of How I Met Your Mother was brilliant, and the chemistry between the core characters was terrific throughout. This led to the show’s great success, but some of the storyline ideas felt rushed and a little desperate towards the end. The decision to kill off Tracy and have Robin and Barney get married, only for her to end up with Ted after all, proved to ruin the quality, leading it to be overrated.

The Simpsons 

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The Simpsons is one of the most historic television shows of all time, with its global reach and incredible popularity guaranteeing that it will stand the test of time. The first ten seasons set a high standard of quality, and after that, many still hold up to that. However, with 35 seasons created, it will always be hard to deliver what people expect, and The Simpsons has fallen short of the mark too many times throughout history.

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