25 Intentionally Terrible Movies That Embrace the Awfulness

It takes a special kind of dedication to create a film for the sole purpose of being terrible, yet it’s been done more than you might think. Creating a bad movie that audiences love requires a special kind of genius and a knack for self-depreciation. These films embrace their flaws and become beloved for their campiness, ridiculous plots, and often horrendous acting. Let’s take a look at 26 memorable movies that are delightfully bad on purpose.

The Room

Photo Credit: Wiseau Films.

Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece, Hollywood’s Biggest Mystery, is a cinematic disaster that has achieved cult status. From its nonsensical script to Wiseau’s bizarre performance, every aspect of this film is awkwardly hilarious. You’ll find yourself quoting its memorable lines and wondering how it was made.

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Photo Credit: Valiant Pictures.

Ed Wood’s magnum opus is often cited as the worst film ever made, but that doesn’t stop people from loving to hate it. Its laughable special effects, continuity errors, and wooden performances make it a must-see for fans of so-bad-it’s-good cinema.

Troll 2

Photo Credit: Epic Productions.

Though the name suggests otherwise, Troll 2 does not feature trolls. The movie’s incoherent plot and dreadful acting have earned it a passionate following, which is celebrated with screenings and fan events.


Photo Credit: Syfy.

Syfy’s outrageous disaster film about tornadoes filled with sharks took the world by storm. Its over-the-top premise and intentionally cheesy execution make it fun to watch with friends.

The Giant Claw

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

This 1957 sci-fi film features a giant bird puppet attacking the Earth. The unconvincing special effects and earnest performances contribute to its charm as a beloved bad movie classic.

Samurai Cop

Photo Credit: Demel International Corporation.

Samurai Cop is an action film that delivers unintentional comedy through its stilted dialogue, poor fight choreography, and bizarre plot twists. The earnestness of its actors makes it even more endearing.

Miami Connection

Photo Credit: Manson International.

In this 1980s gem, a rock band consisting of martial artists battles drug dealers. The film’s sincere yet terrible execution has made it a cult favorite.

The Wicker Man

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Nicolas Cage’s over-the-top performance in this remake is legendary. From the infamousNot the bees!scene to Cage running around in a bear suit, this film is a treasure trove of unintentional comedy.

Manos: The Hands of Fate

Photo Credit: Emerson Film Enterprises.

Made by a fertilizer salesman, this horror film is infamous for its lack of coherence, poor editing, and awful acting. Thanks to its sheer ineptitude, it has gained a cult following.

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

Photo Credit Cult Epics.

This horror film about a bed that consumes people is bizarrely entertaining. Its surreal premise and low-budget execution make it a fascinating watch for fans of oddball cinema.

Santa with Muscles

Photo Credit: Cabin Fever Entertainment.

Starring Hulk Hogan, this holiday film sees a bodybuilder-turned-Santa battling evil scientists. Its ridiculous plot and Hogan’s wooden acting make it a festive favorite for bad movie aficionados.

The Room

Photo Credit: Wiseau-Films.

A repeat mention, but for good reason: Wiseau’s epic tale of betrayal and friendship is packed with iconic, nonsensical moments that keep fans returning for more.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Photo Credit: Severin Films.

This environmental horror romance needs highlighting for its sheer ambition in tackling serious issues with laughable special effects and earnest yet awkward performances.

The Happening

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Night Shyamalan’s thriller about plants causing mass suicides could’ve been a unique masterpiece, but it is unintentionally hilarious. Mark Wahlberg’s perplexed expressions and the absurd premise make this film a guilty pleasure, alongside Zooey Deschanel’s strangely comic performance.

Mac and Me

Photo Credit: Orion Pictures.

This E.T. rip-off features a bizarre plot about a boy and his alien friend. The movie’s blatant product placements and unintentional humor make it a standout in bad movie history.

The Love Guru

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Mike Myers’ comedy about a self-help guru and spiritual counselor fell flat on its face in terms of critical reception. But years on, it’s so cringe-worthy that it has become amusing. The awkward jokes and absurd plot twists contribute to its so bad, it’s good appeal.

Jaws: The Revenge

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

Most people aren’t even aware that there ever was a fourth Jaws film, and for good reason. The fourth installment in the Jaws franchise is infamous for its absurd storyline and laughable special effects. The shark seeking revenge on the Brody family provides unintentional laughs.

Glen or Glenda

Photo Credit: Screen Classics.

Another Ed Wood classic, this film explores cross-dressing and gender identity in a clumsy, preachy manner. Its disjointed narrative and amateurish production make it a fascinating watch.

Leonard Part 6

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

The controversial Bill Cosby’s spy comedy is a notorious flop. Its bizarre plot, over-the-top performances, and nonsensical humor make it a staple in the realm of so-bad-it’s-good movies.

Battlefield Earth

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

John Travolta’s sci-fi epic, based on a novel by L. Ron Hubbard, is a masterpiece of terrible filmmaking. Its convoluted plot, strange camera angles, and hammy acting make it a must-watch for bad movie fans.

Batman & Robin

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Joel Schumacher’s campy take on The Dark Knight features outrageous costumes, cheesy one-liners, and over-the-top performances from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Uma Thurman. Its ridiculousness has made it a cult favorite.


Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Halle Berry’s turn as the feline anti-hero is a mess of bad CGI, nonsensical plot, and over-the-top performances. Its campy approach and cringe-worthy dialogue have secured its place in the pantheon of bad movies.


Photo Credit: Sony Pictures.

This infamous romantic comedy starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is known for its awkward dialogue, bizarre plot, and lack of chemistry between its leads. Its notoriety has made it a cult classic.

Howard the Duck

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

This 1980s film about a wise-cracking, human-sized duck from another dimension is a bizarre mix of comedy, sci-fi, and romance. Its strange premise and questionable execution have earned it a devoted following.

Masters of the Universe

Photo Credit: The Cannon Group.

Based on the popular toy line, this film’s cheap special effects, wooden acting, and convoluted plot make it quintessential, so bad, it’s a good movie.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Photo Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment.

Eddie Murphy’s sci-fi comedy about a nightclub owner on the moon is a notorious flop. Its unfunny jokes, poor special effects, and lackluster performances have made it a cult favorite.

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