18 Romance Movies Where Dreams Don’t Come True

Romantic films have a way of tugging at our heartstrings and making us feel all warm inside. But what about those films where the guy doesn’t get the girl? Let’s take a look at 18 romantic movies that don’t have a fairy-tale ending and where love doesn’t win. Spoilers ahead! 


La La Land

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Mia and Sebastian chase their dreams with a love that seems destined to last. But fast-forward five years, and a chance encounter in Sebastian’s jazz club leaves us all wondering, “What if?” as they share a dreamy dance in their minds. Their story ends not with tears but with a smile. Some love stories are meant to live on in another time, another place.


500 Days of Summer

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Tom thought Summer was the one, but Summer had other plans. It’s a classic case of boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl… doesn’t. The movie takes us through Tom’s memories, and, in the end, Tom meets Autumn. Sure, he gets a girl, but it’s not the girl that we were hoping for all along.



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In the fog of war and the haze of cigarette smoke, Rick and Ilsa’s love rekindles, only for duty to call them apart. Ilsa boards the plane with her husband, leaving Rick behind forever. “We’ll always have Paris” becomes a message for lost lovers everywhere. It’s a reminder that even lost love leaves behind memories that endure.


Call Me by Your Name

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Elio and Oliver share a summer of love in the Italian countryside. It’s a fleeting romance that ends with Oliver’s departure and an engagement. You can feel Elio’s heartbreak as he stares into the fire, tears streaming as he mourns his first love. Some loves are meant to change us but not stay with us.


Romeo + Juliet

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Guns, gangs, and an aquarium – Shakespeare’s tragedy gets a modern makeover but keeps the tragic ending. As you might’ve guessed, it doesn’t end well for our star-crossed lovers. In a mix-up that makes you want to scream at the screen, Juliet wakes just moments too late, leading to a double dose of tragedy.


West Side Story

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Speaking of Shakespeare, Tony and Maria’s love story ends in tragedy, just like the play it’s based on. Gang violence ends Tony’s life, leaving Maria heartbroken and pointing a gun at the senselessness of it all. Sadly, the world of “West Side Story’ just isn’t ready for love to conquer hate.



Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Jack and Rose’s love affair sinks faster than…well, you know. In a freezing twist of fate, Jack becomes a literal ice cube, proving that no amount of steamy car scenes can warm you up in the North Atlantic. Rose promises to never let go, but, err, she kind of does. Let’s be honest, we’re all still debating the size of that door!


The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby throws extravagant parties to lure Daisy back into his arms. But in the end, he takes a swim he doesn’t come back from, all for the love of a woman who doesn’t even go to his funeral. It’s a glittering tale of love and obsession that teaches us maybe, just maybe, the green light isn’t worth chasing.


Brokeback Mountain

Photo Credit: Focus Features.

Jack and Ennis share a love that could ignite the Wyoming landscape. Sadly, societal norms and personal fears keep them apart. Their secret meetings over the years are bittersweet, ending with Jack’s tragic death and Ennis’ haunting regret. It’s a love story that tugs at the cowboy hat of your heart, whispering, “If only…”


Gone with the Wind

Photo Credit: MGM Studios.

Despite Scarlett’s late realization that Rhett is her true love, Rhett is over it. His iconic “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” is the ultimate cinematic mic drop, leaving Scarlett (and us) with her jaw on the floor. Unlike in other romantic movies, this one teaches us that realizing what you have when it’s gone doesn’t mean you get a second chance.



Photo Credit: Focus Features.

Through a child’s misunderstanding and a series of tragic events, war tears Robbie and Cecilia’s love apart. What we think is their life together turns out to just be their imagination. It’s a gut-punch ending that leaves us mourning a future that never was. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has both an audience and critical review of over 80% – and for a good reason.


Begin Again

Photo Credit: The Weinstein Company.

In this movie, Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo form an unexpected connection through music. Despite the romance, the film avoids the clichés, including its less romantic ending. Ruffalo’s character, Dan Mulligan, gets back with his wife, and Knightley’s character, Gretta James, decides to leave him for good.



Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Imagine you’re 12, and overnight, you’re suddenly rocking a mustache and paying taxes. In “Big,” that’s exactly what happens to Kosh as he lands a killer job and even finds love. Sadly, when he finally gets the chance to go back to grade school, he takes it, leaving his lady love with the ultimate “It’s not you, it’s me…because I’m literally a child” excuse.


Cast Away

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Chuck Noland, FedEx’s most dedicated employee, ends up stranded on a deserted island talking to a volleyball. After years of solo survival, he returns to civilization. However, he later finds out that his sweetheart, Kelly, has moved on. She’s married another man and had a daughter with him, breaking both his heart and ours.



Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

In “Once,” a guy and a girl make beautiful music together, but that’s about all they get to make. Despite their undeniable chemistry, the reality of life often plays a different tune. The guy decides to patch things back up with his ex-girlfriend, while the girl chooses to get back with her husband.


Lost in Translation

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Bob and Charlotte find themselves in a Tokyo hotel, sharing whispers and an almost-kiss. Everything seems like it’s going to go well. But in the end, they go their separate ways, leaving us all wondering what they said to each other and if hotel bars are the secret meeting spots for soulmates.



Photo Credit: United Artist.

Isaac’s messed-up love life finally catches up with him after he dates a high schooler, falls for his best friend’s mistress, and realizes too late who he truly loves. It’s a classic tale of New York dating but with more neuroses and less Tinder. By the time he figures it out, the time has passed. 


In the Mood for Love

Photo Credit: The Criterion Collection.

In this, Mr. Chow and Mrs. Chan constantly dance around their feelings. They never cross the line despite their spouses already having an affair together. Their decision to restrain themselves is as beautiful as it is heartbreaking. Sometimes, the most intense love stories are the ones where no one actually gets together.

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