The Pinnacle of Television – 24 Episodes That Define Greatness

Sometimes, we come across a specific TV episode that is so wonderfully written and executed on screen that we will never forget the emotions it provoked or the message it was trying to send. Here are 21 of the best action-packed, drama-filled TV shows ever.


Game of Thrones, Ep: 706, Beyond the Wall

Photo Credit: HBO.

Arguably, the best episode in the entire series of Game of Thrones is the one where the Knight King kills one of the dragons, which then crashes into the frozen lake. This episode was the climax of years of tension, and it featured everything from fire-breathing dragons to a zombie polar bear.


Friends, Ep: The One Where Everyone Finds Out

Photo Credit: NBC.

According to fans, this is the best episode of Friends ever. As the title suggests, everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler’s secret relationship, and all hell breaks loose.


Lost, Ep: The Constant

Photo Credit: NBC.

Desmond starts experiencing jumps in his consciousness between now and 1996, and he is forced to search for Daniel Faraday to make it stop.


Sex and the City, Ep: Valley of the 20 Something Guys

Photo Credit: HBO.

We meet Big for the first time, the man who will be Carrie’s “Big” love interest on and off for the entire series. This episode is sizzling with sexual chemistry between Carrie and Big and between some of the other ladies and some younger men.


Breaking Bad, Ep: Face Off

Photo Credit: AMC.

The FBI interrogates Jesse about his knowledge of ricin, and Walt conspires with an old enemy in a plot to kill Gus.


Game of Thrones, Ep: Season 6, Episode 9

Photo Credit: HBO.

Jon Snow and Sansa retake Winterfell in a fierce and epic battle.


Euphoria, Ep: Stand Still Like the Hummingbird

Photo Credit: HBO.

In this episode, we learn that you can’t outrun fate and it eventually catches up with us all.


Breaking Bad, Ep: Ozymandias

Photo Credit: AMC.

Jesse becomes a hostage while Walt goes on the run, and Marie makes Skyler tell Walter Jr. the truth.


Mad Men, Ep: The Suitcase

Photo Credit: AMC.

Don tries to avoid hearing bad news about Anna, so he distracts himself by forcing Peggy to stay up all night with him.


Game of Thrones, The Watchers on the Wall

Photo Credit: HBO.

A penultimate battle between the Wildings and the Night Watch unfolds.


Dexter, Ep: The Getaway

Photo Credit: ATV.

The season finale sees Dexter and Arthur in some unexpected circumstances after Debra reveals a shocking secret. The Truth about Dexter’s marriage comes to light, and there are some harsh consequences for Batista and LaGuerta.


True Detective, Ep: Form and Void

Photo Credit: HBO.

Hart and Cohle discover a new lead on a case they’ve been trying to crack for 17 years.


Friends, Ep: The Video Tape

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Ross and Rachel try to explain to everyone how they ended up in bed together. As no one can agree on who came on to whom, the group decides to watch a videotape of the pair’s advances, which Ross has conveniently recorded.

Succession, Ep: All the Bells Say

Photo Credit: HBO.

Shiv and Roman have to manage the aftermath of Matsson’s vision for the business.

Westworld, Ep: The Bicameral Mind

Photo Credit: HBO.

Maeve implements a big plan, Delores finally accepts her true identity, and Ford reveals his daring new narrative.

Sherlock, Ep: The Reichenbach Fall

Photo Credit: BBC.

Thanks to Jim Moriarty, Sherlock finds himself being pitted against the entire city.

Horace and Pete, Ep: #1.3

Photo Credit: Pig Newton.

The ex-wife of Horace shows up asking for advice, with some interesting consequences.

Game of Thrones, Ep: The Mountain and the Viper

Photo Credit: HBO.

The Mountain and Oberyn Martell battle it out, Mole’s Town is attacked, and Daenerys discovers a big secret.

Black Mirror, Ep: White Christmas

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Two men in a remote, frozen forest tell the story of how technology runs wild during the festive period.

Rick and Morty, Ep: The Ricklantis Mixup

Photo Credit: HBO.

Rick and Morty take a trip to Atlantis, and we see how the Citadel is shaping up after they last visited.


Fleabag, Ep: 2.1

Photo Credit: BBC.

Age-old tensions arise as Fleabag attends an awkward family dinner with hilarious consequences.

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