21 Irresistible TV Characters You Can’t Help but Love

Every good television show needs an electric, charismatic character leading the cast from line-reading strangers to a bonded clan you can buy into. This is someone with the kind of gripping stage presence that makes you want to root for them no matter what they do. 

Whether their charm comes from their youthful nature, their slow trajectory from lone wolf to fearless leader, or something else entirely, these characters have the chops to carry shows on their backs when other areas tend to fall flat.

 We’ve compiled a list of 25 TV characters with qualities that charm us through a screen, and in this article we explore who that character is and what makes them so compelling to watch. 

 Jake Peralta

Photo Credit: NBC.

Andy Samberg

Brooklyn 99

Jake is the pinnacle of charming TV characters. Handsome and boyish, he is driven in his work but still playful and lighthearted. Nearly everyone who initially finds Jake incredibly annoying eventually ends up falling for his charms.


Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
Photo Credit: ABC.

Sofía Vergara

Modern Family

It could be the accent and broken English, the gorgeous looks, or the attitude, but Gloria has more than enough competing factors to make her a captivating presence.


Nick Miller

Photo Credit:Fox.

Jake Johnson

New Girl

Nick fits so many qualities of what women say they don’t want, and yet he is one of the most highly crushable sitcom characters of all time. His fellow character Jess puts it best when she says, “He kisses you like a coal miner greeting his wife.” Something about him just works.


Lorelai Gilmore

Photo Credit: The WB.

Lauren Graham

Gilmore Girls

Lorelai’s charm could stand on her wit alone. The one-liners she pops off, the way she annoys people into falling in love with her, the adorable relationship she has with her daughter… much of the show is carried by her charm.


Jimmy McGill

Photo Credit: AMC.

Bob Odenkirk

Better Call Saul

Jimmy is sharp as a tack and scrappy in an oddly endearing way. Even when he’s scamming people or contributing to highly illegal drug-related activities, he’s a charmer. He puts on the appearance of only caring about himself, but he’d do anything for his brother and partner, despite what they may deserve.


Anthony Bridgerton

Photo Credit: Netflix,

Jonathan Bailey


After watching his father die in front of him, Anthony must take on the role of man of the house and accept a lot of heavy duties at a young age. The pressure makes him act out in some ways, often with sexual promiscuity and bluntness, but he still manages to win people over (especially women).


Harvey Specter

Photo Credit: USA Network.

Gabriel Macht


Harvey starts out a coldblooded lawyer but over the course of the show grows in his emotive capacities as his relationships deepen. He’d do anything for the few people who hold his affection, including abusing connections, money, and prowess with the law.


Emily Cooper

Photo Credit: Netflix,

Lily Collins

Emily in Paris

A bit naive, Emily moves to a different country without knowing the language, kicks butt at her job, and clearly cares for those around her even if she makes mistakes.


Jim Halpert

Photo Credit: NBC.

John Krasinki

The Office

The iconic Jim look helped to carry nine seasons of the docuseries-style show, even after Steve Carell left. His playful demeanor and major crush on Pam, despite her being unavailable for a long time, make him seriously sympathetic and lovable. 


Elena Gilbert

Photo Credit: The CW.

Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries

Beautiful and naturally flirtatious, Elena lost her parents at a young age, making her sympathetic to the audience. She also has a notoriously adorable laugh.


Jamie Fraser

Photo Credit: Starz.

Sam Heughan


Jamie is a sexy Scottish clansman who rebels against England’s takeover in the 1700s. He’s smart, strong, quick-witted, and incredibly loyal. 


Barney Stinson

Photo Credit: CBS.

Neil Patrick Harris

How I Met Your Mother

Neil Patrick Harris plays a highly convincing straight man who runs elaborate plays on women to try and get them into his bed, and yet his deep-rooted daddy issues and surprisingly soft interior make him easy to root for.


Rachel Green

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Jennifer Aniston


Aside from being played by the one and only Jen Aniston, Rachel’s character is endearingly naive, ditsy, and a true 90’s style icon. Her riches-to-rags story makes her more relatable and her push back to success makes her extra interesting.


Hank Schrader

Photo Credit: AMC.

Dean Norris

Breaking Bad

While his trajectory didn’t necessarily do him well, Hank certainly started out charming whether you thought he was sort of a tool or not. He is smart, funny, and brash in just the right way.


Joe Goldberg

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Penn Badgley


Hear us out… Joe is a killer who means well. In season one especially, he is led with his heart. He is obviously a bad guy, but there’s a reason the show works with him as a lead. He has that broken childhood turned sensitive bookworm charm.


Jess Mariano

Photo Credit:The CW .

Milo Ventimiglia

Gilmore Girls

He’s a screwed-up kid, but the little flashes we see as the show moves along show us that he eventually finds his way and makes something of himself despite a rougher childhood. 


Dustin Henderson

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Gaten Matarazzo

Stranger Things

Dustin is perhaps the biggest nerd in a slew of nerds, and for that we just love him. His unlikely friendship with Steve Harrington, which blossoms in season two, really allows his character to shine.


Leslie Knope

Photo Credit: NBC.

Amy Poehler

Parks and Recreation

A hardworking and dedicated public servant, Leslie is awkward in the best way. She’s probably the best friend you could have, constantly showering Ann with obscure compliments. Plus, there are few characters that are as fun to watch when they’re drunk.


Nate Archibald

Photo Credit: The CW.

Chace Crawford

Gossip Girl

A sweet golden boy, Nate only ever tries to do the right thing, despite sometimes crossing lines to get there.


Alexis Rose

Photo Credit: CBC Television.

Annie Murphy

Schitt’s Creek

Alexis is a spoiled rich girl who over the course of the show develops into a hard worker with a huge heart. Her occasional lack of smarts makes it that much more compelling when she does pull through with self-made success.


Penelope Garcia

Photo Credit: CBS.

Kirsten Vangsness

Criminal Minds

A bright light in a dark show, Garcia has the quirky style and sparkly personality that make her one of the show’s best characters. She is also super brainy and integral to the rest of the FBI crew, so we get to see her swoop in as their tech-savvy hero on more than one occasion.

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