18 Neglected Sci-Fi Series Waiting to Be Rewatched

Not all sci-fi shows have the success or longevity of Star Trek, but some certainly have the winning formula. Premature cancelations or lack of publicity can prevent these gems from breaking free, but some sci-fi shows deserve more kudos.

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The original 1983 V mini-series hit screens over fifty years ago when big budgets were rare for the sci-fi genre. Its rich storyline about human-like aliens landing on Earth chilled to the core like no other TV show had done before. For its time, the show was as effective as Star Wars in its execution and quality.


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Despite lasting just two seasons, the British remake of Utopia had all the ingredients of a brilliant show, if not short-lived. A desperate search for an unpolished graphic novel brings a group of obsessive individuals together, and the rest is electrifying. It was deemed one of the decade’s best thrillers.


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A great sci-fi series that the Wachowskis knocked out of the park, Sense8 follows eight strangers from around the world who find themselves mentally and emotionally linked. The storylines are interconnected with a great bunch of characters.


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This popular series followed a team of FBI agents investigating strange and unexplained phenomena, delving into fringe science and parallel universes. A stellar cast earned it widespread acclaim that resonates with fans long after its conclusion.

Altered Carbon

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Set in a stunning cyberpunk future where consciousness can be transferred between bodies, Altered Carbon explores the selfish nature of human beings and the quest for eternal life. It is one of Netflix’s best science-fiction shows.



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Despite its premature cancellation, Firefly remains a beloved cult classic for its unique blend of space Western aesthetics, sharp dialogue, and lovable characters.

Lost in Space

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When the Robinson family was sent on a space mission to find a new colony, 84 episodes of entertaining space battles ensued amidst a retro backdrop of retro music. The remake was a mixed bag, but the original was a classic for the time.

Red Dwarf

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British fans were obsessed with this sci-fi classic, though it barely made it to the US. We spent twelve seasons and four novels with Dave Lister (Craig Charles), the low-ranking technician who woke on a spaceship after three million years, only to find he was the last human alive. It was every bit as smart as Star Trek.

Almost Human

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The show featured a large futuristic walled-in city containing emotionless cops and an opening scene in which Karl Urban’s leg was blown off. It only lasted one season before being canceled, but it could do so much more.

The 100

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A group of troubled youths returns to Earth 100 years after an apocalyptic event in an attempt to restart humanity. Naturally, their evolution brings bold disagreements, power struggles, and group divides. The 100 is one of those rare TV shows that features strong character development. It was a solid teen show with a good cast of committed young actors.

Final Space

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Featuring a stellar cast, this animated sci-fi comedy followed a spaceman named Gary who was working off a prison sentence. It became a space masterpiece before it was canceled due to taxes.

The Wild Wild West

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The Wild Wild West went steampunk in this James-Bond-with-cowboy-hats spinoff. Robert Conrad and Ross Martin traveled the frontier fighting menacing villains with wacky gadgets and intimidating henchmen. It was corny but great.

The OA

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A sore subject for fans, the OC was canceled mid-show in the throes of a cliffhanger. A blind woman returns home after seven years, and her eyesight is mysteriously restored. Think human experimentation, interdimensional traveling, and near-death experiences; you’ve got yourself a fantastic show.


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Emma Stone and Jonah Hill provided top-quality performances in this hallucinatory thriller surrounding an experimental drug test. It snuck onto Netflix with such stealth that letting it slip through the net was possible. You were never entirely sure what was happening, but that added to the intrigue.

Outer Limits

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From misfiring futuristic technology to encounters with extraterrestrial beings, Outer Limits captivated audiences with its chilling tales of science fiction and speculative fiction. It was often unfairly compared to The Twilight Zone, but it was a great show in its own right.

The Expanse

Photo Credit: Syfy.

In a show about a war between Earth and Mars, the intensity ultimately pulled the plug on this promising sci-fi story. Syfy declared it their most ambitious show yet and considered it more ambitious than Battlestar Galactica. It didn’t quite live up to expectations, but it offered an alternative premise to sci-fi.

Orphan Black

Photo Credit: BBC America .

With its stellar writing, brilliant acting, and meticulous attention to detail, Orphan Black transcended the confines of its genre, earning widespread acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. Tatiana Maslany’s portrayal of multiple clones performance was sheer brilliance.

Babylon 5

Photo Credit: PTEN.

Babylon 5 remains a timeless masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences today. The show cleverly tackled themes of war, diplomacy, and the nature of consciousness and appealed to the thinking mind. It was even deemed to have been ripped off by Star Trek.

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