21 TV Series That Were Robbed of Their Potential

All television shows come to an end at some point. Some are dragged out for too long and lose their quality, while there are a few rare examples, such as Friends and This Is Us, when a show draws to a close at the perfect time. But then certain shows get canceled way too soon.

With clear stories left to tell and sometimes unresolved plot points, these are shows that people actively wanted more of.


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Fans were only treated to two seasons of Mindhunter, but it still became popular. Each episode, which followed two FBI agents as they attempted to catch various serial killers, was detailed and helped to make the show feel different. It placed a particular focus on the mind, which audiences actively wanted more of.


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GLOW was a hit Netflix series that told the story of a fictional wrestling promotion based on the company that ran in the 1980s. The series featured a fantastic cast, with Alison Brie and Marc Maron as two particular highlights. However, increasing costs cut the show after its third season. It was a shame as there were unresolved stories and a cast of characters with massive potential for more.


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The original season of Heroes remains one of the strongest in television history. Bringing superpowers to ordinary people allowed the show to have a relatability factor. While the quality did waver at times, the final season brought things back and produced a significant hook at the end, which should have led to an interesting next season had it not been axed.

Santa Clarita Diet

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Santa Clarita Diet was a unique show, blending zombies and a comedy world. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant had great chemistry as the married real estate agents, and the cliffhanger the show ended on left audiences wanting more.


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Hannibal was based on various novels created by Thomas Harris, which inspired several notable movies. With Mads Mikkelsen in the lead role, this series was able to dive deeper into the Hannibal Lecter character that people enjoy. But that wasn’t enough to keep the series going, even though there were far more stories to be told.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Kiernan Shipka was given the lead role for this coming-of-age series, which many people related to despite its dark themes. The series focused on witchcraft and aspects of horror, which provided intrigue and opened up the possibility of a wide range of stories. Unfortunately, COVID-19 led to this being canceled, leaving many fans disappointed.


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Joss Whedon has created many successful television shows and directed some huge movies, but Firefly remains one of his most popular projects. The sci-fi show that followed a group of space travelers was ahead of its time in many ways, but it was canceled too soon for most people. The fact that fans pushed and a movie was made to wrap up the stories involved proves that this one deserved more time.

Veronica Mars

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With Kristen Bell in the lead role and a strong supporting cast, Veronica Mars had all the tools to succeed in the long term. The show was popular throughout its run, providing three seasons of solid entertainment. But it was canceled far sooner than most people expected it to be.

Lizzie McGuire

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Considering how iconic Lizzie McGuire became, it’s surprising that the show lasted only two seasons. The show tackled issues that young teens could relate to, doing so charmingly and funnily that suited the Disney Channel’s ethos. Sadly, contract disputes brought this show to an untimely end, even though there was far more to be achieved with it.

Everybody Hates Chris

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Chris Rock himself opted to end Everybody Hates Chris, and while that might’ve been a decision he thought was right, fans disagreed. This popular sitcom maintained a high standard throughout its run. While an abrupt ending ensured the quality never dipped, it also meant that people were left wishing there were more episodes.

My Name is Earl

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My Name Is Earl consistently brought laughs to fans, with Earl allowing karma to take control of his life. However, issues between the studio and the network prevented the show from being picked up for a fifth season, which was a shame because there were unresolved plot points.


Photo Credit: HBO.

Long before Game Of Thrones, Rome was creating a historical drama featuring violence, romance, politics, and incredible characters. This series was full of details and became popular, but it was cut too soon.

The Punisher

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Jon Bernthal was excellent in this role, bringing violence to the Marvel world. Before Disney+ created consistent television shows, Netflix proved to be effective at doing so. The Punisher was popular with fans because it was unlike anything else in the superhero world. It ended up being cut, but Bernthal is bringing the character back soon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Netflix’s decision to create a prequel to The Dark Crystal surprised many, as returning to a 1980s property seemed strange. But it proved to be a massive hit as fans loved the show. It featured terrific puppetry and a fantastic story, but it was only kept for one season before being cut.


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Deadwood was a popular television show that was both a critical and commercial success. This Western series brought a high level of entertaining drama, and many were shocked when it was cut. While a spinoff movie did take place to tap into its popularity, fans still wanted more episodes of the show.

Gravity Falls

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While Gravity Falls is an animated television show aimed at children, it became just as popular with older viewers. That’s because it’s filled with hidden details and nods to pop culture that people can appreciate. The characters were vibrant and full of personality; therefore, seeing it come to an end surprised many fans.

Teen Titans

Photo Credit: Cartoon Network Kids’ WB.

Teen Titans brought together some of the most popular superhero characters in their teenage forms, helping to make them more accessible and relatable to a younger audience. The series had incredible detail, great fight scenes, and some entertaining storylines, which is why fans wanted more from it.

American Vandal

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American Vandal was a unique mockumentary show focused on students acting like documentary makers as they solved seemingly juvenile cases from their school. One involved graffiti, and another was about bodily functions. Despite the childish nature, the show was smartly written. It connected with audiences and could’ve gone on to be something even more significant had it been given the chance.

My So-Called Life

Photo Credit: ABC.

This series tackled some major issues for teenagers that audiences managed to resonate with. Whether it was alcoholism, child abuse, or adultery, some adult themes in this series helped people learn while being entertained.

Freaks and Geeks

Photo Credit: NBC.

Freaks and Geeks may have only lasted for one season, but it was a massive hit with audiences. Bringing a fantastic cast that featured the likes of Seth Rogen and Jason Segel, combined with the fact that it was produced by Judd Apatow, the level of comedy was high. People actively wanted to see more, with the series finishing on a massive cliffhanger, but that never happened.

Pushing Daisies

Photo Credit: ABC.

Pushing Daisies provided a unique concept in which Ned could bring people back to life. He would do that to solve murder mysteries alongside his childhood sweetheart, whom he also brought back from the dead. The series received 12 Emmy nominations for its first season, highlighting the strength of the quality. But that didn’t stop it from being canceled, even though there was so much more to achieve with it.

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