18 Animated Series That Are Definitely Not for Kids

Most of us think of cartoons and animation as being just for kids. And, for the most part, you’d be right. However, there are several cartoons that are definitely not appropriate for children, whether you realize it or not! Here are 18 cartoons that are probably a little too grown-up for kids to watch.


South Park

Photo Credit: Comedy Central.

Brace yourselves because in South Park, no celebrity is safe, and no political issue is too taboo. The residents of this quirky Colorado town tackle life in ways that would make a sailor blush. Imagine your wildest, most politically incorrect thoughts animated, and you’ve got a typical Thursday night in South Park.


Family Guy

Photo Credit:Fox.

In Quahog, Rhode Island, the Griffin family deals with a world where talking dogs and homicidal babies are the norm. Peter Griffin’s knack for getting into preposterous situations is matched only by the show’s ability to make cultural references part of every gag. You’ll be laughing and groaning in equal measure!


Rick and Morty

Photo Credit:Adult Swim.

In this wacky comedy, we explore into the multiverse with Rick, the genius who’s too smart for his own good, and Morty, the grandson often caught in cosmic crossfire. Their adventures are a bizarre mix of high-concept sci-fi and lowbrow humor. There are plenty of adult jokes and references here!


BoJack Horseman

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Hollywood has never been more depressingly funny than through the eyes of BoJack, a has-been star. He’s struggling with his relevance in a world that’s moved on from his past fame. It’s a heartrending rollercoaster of fame and fortune that hits close to home, even if you’re not a washed-up celebrity horse.



Photo Credit:FX.

Enter the danger zone with Sterling Archer, the world’s most dangerous spy and least responsible adult. His life’s a cocktail of deadly missions and disastrous personal choices, shaken, not stirred. With plenty of witty banter and an unhealthy dose of mother issues, you should probably watch this after the kids have gone to bed.


Big Mouth

Photo Credit:Netflix.

In “Big Mouth,” puberty hits hard! This no-filter exploration of teenage angst and hormonal disasters has a huge range of inappropriate jokes. With a cast of characters guided (and misguided) by their hormone monsters, Big Mouth tells it like it is, leaving viewers cringing with memories of their own awkward phase.



Photo Credit:Fox.

Meet Fry. He’s a pizza guy, accidentally cryo-frozen for a millennium, and is now facing the 31st century with his eccentric friends. This show proves that while technology changes, humanity’s knack for absurdity is timeless. It deals with life’s big questions in lowbrow humor and sci-fi shenanigans. The episode with Fry’s dog is way too sad for any kid to deal with! 


The Simpsons

Photo Credit:Fox.

Springfield’s favorite family, The Simpsons, has been parodying American life for decades in a way that’s both sharp and yellow. From the clueless Homer to the wise-beyond-her-years Lisa, each character offers a mirror to the weird parts of our society. Sure, there aren’t any cusses here, but there are plenty of adult gags! 


American Dad!

Photo Credit:Fox.

Like the Simpsons, Stan Smith and his family’s eccentric escapades offer a satirical slice of American pie. However, in this one, aliens are family members, and the talking goldfish gives life advice! Plus, the show’s tendency to explore adult topics with a light-hearted approach makes it a little inappropriate for the Saturday morning cereal crowd.


Bob’s Burgers

Photo Credit:Fox.

The Belcher family serves up their brand of company with a side of fries! Their love for each other is as real as their financial woes, making every episode a relatable tale of family and food. Despite its heartwarming core, the show’s humor often revolves around adult themes and complex social issues, so it’s better for those with a more refined palate.


Robot Chicken

Photo Credit: Adult Swim.

If your action figures could talk, their conversations might look something like an episode of Robot Chicken. This show looks into the toy box of your childhood, reimagining those plastic heroes in scenarios that are anything but child-friendly. And it’s all at the mercy of a chicken with a twisted sense of humor!


Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Photo Credit:Cartoon Network.

Fast food takes on a life of its own in this series, where a milkshake, a box of fries, and a meatball solve mysteries…kind of. Their suburban adventures are as bizarre as their origins! The often grotesque and absurd humor, along with a liking for the surreal, means it’s best to keep the kids away from this fast-food combo.


King of the Hill

Photo Credit:Fox.

In Arlen, Texas, Hank Hill and his band of ordinary folks embrace the ordinary with a sense of pride that’s both heartwarming and hysterically out of touch. It’s a gentle critique of the American Dream, although it’s probably not for kids. The subtle adult humor and topics will probably fly under their radar, but they still pack a punch.


The Boondocks

Photo Credit:Adult Swim.

The Freeman family deals with societal norms with a fearlessness that’s equally enlightening and entertaining! Through its unique take on the world, The Boondocks will have you laughing almost every minute. However, the show’s mature language is precisely why it’s better suited for mature audiences.


Regular Show

Photo Credit:Cartoon Network.

Mordecai and Rigby’s daily attempts to avoid work lead them into supernatural situations that are anything but regular! This show captures how much we all want to slack off sometimes in a way that’s weirdly relatable. Even so, this love for being lazy is probably not something you want to teach your kids. 


Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Photo Credit: Cartoon Network.

When classic cartoon characters find themselves on the wrong side of the law, Harvey Birdman is their only hope. This series proves that justice is a dish best served with nostalgia and ridiculous! However, the use of adult humor makes it inappropriate for kids. Besides, they probably won’t recognize any of the classic cartoons!



Photo Credit:Adult Swim.

Dethklok, the world’s most popular (and possibly dangerous) band, lives a life of excess and adventure. Their fans are die-hard in the most literal sense! Even so, with its gory content and adult themes, this show is a reminder that some cartoons are created with a distinctly mature audience in mind.


The Legend of Vox Machina

Photo Credit:Amazon Prime Video.

Join the ragtag group of misfit adventurers in “The Legend of Vox Machina” on their series of epic quests. A spin-off of the beloved Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role, it’s packed with action, magic – and, of course, dragons. However, it does have a lot of mature humor, meaning it’s a ride that’s best reserved for the grown-ups in the room​​.

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