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Photo Credit: United Artists.

June 26, 2024-

The 50s was known as the golden age of cinema. Even now, 70 years later, the masterpieces we’ve listed here are a must-watch for every movie fan. So, let’s revisit these classic films. You’ll find there’s still much to love. Sunset Boulevard Directed by Billy Wilder, Sunset Boulevard follows a struggling screenwriter who becomes entangled…

Image Credit: Depositphotos.

June 25, 2024-

Casting decisions can make or break a film. Controversial casting decisions occur throughout cinematic history, from physical inaccuracies to cultural insensitivity, causing debates among fans and critics alike. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most notable instances of famously miscast lead roles.   Tom…

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Paramount Pictures .

June 24, 2024-

While some films are known for their explosive action sequences, gripping and tense screenplay, or visual effects, other films stand out for their ability to challenge us. From mind-bending explorations of dreams and reality to questioning our ideas of identity and existence, these movies push the…

Photo Credit: PBS.

June 22, 2024-

Cult documentaries offer a fascinating exploration of human behavior and psychology. We all think, ‘Oh, I would never fall for that…’ but plenty of ordinary people do. The process of indoctrination and radicalization at the hands of charismatic leaders is both intriguing and terrifying. From the…

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